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Let's get a good meet together before Southern California lets go of its .5 inches of rainfall! Say goodbye to hot summer sun and hello to cool, windy, leaf filled days.

Any and all Muscle cars welcome. As well as any muscle swapped imports! Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Dodge, Chrysler, Mustang, Camaro, TBSS, G8, GTO, Corvette, SS, etc. etc. is ALL welcome!

We're gonna do it a little different this time. There will be TWO cruises to go with this meet! Same road, but at two different times to satisfy the early risers who want to hit as little traffic as possible, as well as, all those late starters that don't want to wake up early!

First cruise meet location and time:
8AM at the Shell just off the freeway

Second Cruise will happen after we eat, whatever time that may be. We'll sit and eat for a while, then cruise the 20min down to Ortega Hwy and do a big group caravan of thundering American Muscle. Mwahaha.

Meet Location is The District in Tustin. We park South West from the Pet's smart:

Cruise Location Map:

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