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Go to Pontiac's website. In the GTO section you can locate Pontiac dealers all over the country and see actual GTO's in stock at the dealership. They allow you to "view the window sticker" so you can see color combos and all options on the car. I wanted Impulse Blue with Black Leather interior, not Blue. Used the Pontiac dealer/search/locator thingy and was able to find three dealerships that had my vehicle of choice. If you find the GTO you are looking for just make sure you call the dealership first to see if it is indeed still in stock. Also here is a buyer tip: When you call to check availability of "your" GTO the dealer on the phone will ask you all sort of questions. Keep it brief. Don't provide too much info. Best deal is to give a "fake first name" and say you are from another close by state (pick a state) and plan to visit the dealership this weekend. When you do actually go to the dealership the salesman will try to bait you by saying, "Well there is a lot of interest in this particular (Blue) GTO. I have guy coming in from out of state to look at it this weekend" Now is the time you burst his bubble by saying, "Did he say he was from (state name)??" When the salesman says "why, yes" you can say "that was me". This way he knows and you know there is only ONE person interested in this GTO.....and its you. No B.S. with the price saying "its in demand". Best of luck in acquiring your new GTO. - Scott:seeya:
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