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sith31 said:

On to audio upgrades now.........

Got to get rid of the "Blowpunkt" and figured a speaker upgrade is in order as well. Man that stock unit is horrible.

Can anyone tell me the exact # of speakers and their locations in the 04's? I think there are 10 but am not sure. I'm thinking of MB Qarts all around for speakers and a smallish sub in the spare wheel well.

Also, any suggestions on a head unit? I had a Pioneer Premier Series in my GP GT before I traded it in and loved it. I'm thinking of getting another but figured I'd solicit some opinions from my fellow GTO brothers. Also any suggestions on amp location? I think an eight channel JL audio amp will be making it's way into the 'Goat. I don't want to give up anymore of the limited trunk space to audio upgrades if I can help it.

Any feedback / suggestions / recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

i :agree it do suck. i have read that the amp is in the truck( driver side) behind the carpet up top.
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