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Well, driving home from Reston, Va. through Middleburg Virginia last Friday -- this little hamlet is known for not lacking in the money department. One traffic light village, and what do I see going in the opposite direction, but a Ferrari 288 GTO -- if you're not familiar it looks a lot like the 308 (think Magnum, PI) but with a LOT of vents and "gills" on the body, and a LOT more powerful.

Basically this car was built just before the F-40 went into production and in it's day was kind of the same level -- Ferrari's "Halo" car, as if they needed a Halo car... :lol:


Very cool seeing it. Only thing more cool perhaps would be seeing an original 265 GTO. But seeing as how there were less than 20 built, I seriously doubt I'd see a real one on the road.

Jim Miller
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