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OK..... About 8 years ago, a buddy and I talked about.....If I were an engineer at a one of the big 3, I'd come out with what I would call the the "Throw Back Line" of muscle cars. Making NEW "old" complete retro muscles incorporating the old body styles with maybe minor alterations and all the goodies under the hood and inside the car. Imagine I though, 2000 model year camaros, GTO's or Cuda's etc, you get the picture. Being all the patents are already allocated LOL.... all I could do was dream.

My dream was this.... Build the car and price it so teens could afford it. Make it look like the oldies but make it affordable in insurance and driveability. So what if it had a V6, and lacked the power. Target the Teens and others who want the looks of a muscle car but not the power. Remember V6 Camaros? It's all about the looks.... How many kids would opt to buy a 2006 Chevelle SS with a 6 banger in it for about the same price as a rice burner. Talk about reviving the big 3..... A complete line of throw back muscle cars geared at moderate income folks. Priced in the Mid 20's. OK so you want a V8, then that could be targeted for the upper middle income earners.. In the 30's for a V8. Now you have targeted all ages, not just a select age group...

Then comes along Pontiac with the new GTO. Although it is retro in performance and guts, the styling of it is not what I envisioned of a retro looking muscle. But hey a GTO is a GTO. Ford did it with looks with the Mustang. Hate em' or like em', it looks like the Mustang of yesterday.. I saw pictures of a supposedly retro Chevelle SS that never made it out. We all know Dodge is thinking about the Challenger for 2009 if it lives up to the hype and if there is enough interest to build it.

I came across the following today and thought I'd pass it along. Now bear in mind although these Camaros look like 1969 they are all NEW.... The dream I had, is now being built.... The price tag is a different story..... But if you are into the old muscle cars.... you will like what is being done with the Camaros. I'd never pay this.... but I'd sure love to have one >>>>


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svede1212 said:
sorry. been there, done that. i don't live in the past.
Yep. Bought the GTO because it ISN'T retro. Retro to me says that Detroit can't design an attractive car anymore. Have to go into the archives instead.

Jim Miller
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