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My steering wheel buttons sometimes fowl up as well. The volume up button will sometimes mute the volume, the volume down button will increase the volume, and the next/back buttons mess up as well on occasion. One day it was really off and switched cds when I hit the volume button.

I tried bringing it to the dealer, but of course by the time I got there...it was working fine. Once you hit that "electromagnetic ring" around all car dealers or even just repair shops (when I had my bronco), most problems cease and desist. So, one day I'm waiting for it to act up while I'm near the dealer so I can get it fixed. There were no codes or anything present last time I brought it in.

As far as holding the next button for 2 seconds making it switch to another cd, I never tried that...maybe that's normal, just I know mine isn't.

Also, as far as the horn goes, try hitting more to the sides, where you see the horn symbol. I was parked waiting for someone just tapping the steering wheel, and it went off when I tapped the sides without much effort. I know, hit the center, and it's way too stiff.
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