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...he purchased the 'Goat' shortly after I enlisted in the USN in 12/90. I was fortunate to see the car while home on leave in '92 but never had the opportunity to go for a ride with Dad. It was the 'dream car' he couldn't have back in high school; a beautifully restored Montero Red w/Black Cordova hardtop and Parchment/Black interior, Rally Wheels, etc., etc. I even recall the 'GR-RRR' license plate mounted on the front bumper. Fast forward to '93 my father had undergone a double bypass and sold the car at a local auction to cover his medical expenses...

Today Dad is 74 years young and as a surprise/gift, I'd like to reconnect him with his old 'Goat'.

Dad gave me all his literature for the car including the factory Body & Chassis manuals along with a few marketing brochures. My goal is to track down the current owner and coordinate a visit so Dad can present the owner with the factory literature that "belongs with the car". If luck is on our side maybe the owner will let dad drive the car one more time... and if we're extremely lucky well, maybe the owner is ready to move on and interested in selling the car!

The VIN is 237375P223627. With the help of a P.I. I tracked the car's ownership history from Dad in PA onto WV then Canada where the trail goes cold. Perhaps someone here can help me get back on track and locate this car. I will be glad to offer a $100.00 finders fee for connecting me with the current owner. .

Many thanks in advance for your time & assistance...!

Gastonia, NC
[email protected]
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