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Hi all. Say, Since I had the Sports Appearance Package installed, I am going to be selling the parts that were taken off my GTO and selling them. Before I go public with them I thought perhaps I may offer them on here if anyone may be interested. All the parts are off of an 05' and are quicksilver in color. What I plan on selling are; The spoiler, rear bumper cover, the mufflers with the tips, both rocker panels, lower front valance assy, and the grille inserts. There are about 212 miles on them and are in perfect condition. Anyone with an 04' that may be thinking upgrading the exhaust to an 05, with some modification to your existing exhaust, you should be able to mate up the 05 to the 04. Also if anyone has some damaged parts like the parts I am offering, you can get them a lot cheaper than going to your dealer. If the color does not match your GTO the parts can be repainted to match the color you desire. I will have pics of them in the next day or so to share with anyone interested. If anyone is interested please contact me and we can negotiate a price. My email is [email protected]
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