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Well, If you can't bring the illegals to jobs here, MORE companies will take the jobs to them...

Hershey foods as just announced they are eliminating some 1500 jobs, and building a plant in Monterey Mexico.

Who says you can't move the mountain and bring it to you? If you can't lead the Illegals to your watering hole, we will move the watering hole to them.

I wonder if Hershey will put little white worms in with the candy.

I live 30 minutes from Hershey's amusement Park. It costs nearly 40.00 a person to get in the park now. It used to be free to park. Parking as escalated to nearly 7.00 a car. I'd say the parking lot holds Mega Thousand cars. So huge it has 3 different trams running non stop.

They have headliner music groups performing at the stadium. Last year I wanted to go see Foreigner/Journey. 2 tickets for there for an obstructed view would have run me 150.00 plus, then 7.00 to park. Needless to say, I didn't feel like having my spinchter abused.

Hershey has a candy museum that is free to enter. Well except for the nearly 7.00 a car to park. It used to be a family outing at a reasonable price for a day at the park. For a typical family of 4 to go there now a days counting food (can't bring in your own drinks or snacks, or food), a reasonable family outing can run you 350.00 easily.

They are at odds with the union. Who ain't?

Perhaps they can build a Mexican amusement park in Mexico. Maybe not, since Mexicans as so good at sneaking, and burrowing like moles they'd find it easy to sneak in to a Park, after all, sneaking from Mexico to Maine is a breeze.

A major ride could be the underground tunnel ride, you enter the tunnel and as you progress, you get shot at by boarder patrol guards and as you continue, you can see how drugs are hidden on people, towards the end of the ride, you will pass a jail cell full of boarder patrol guards being assaulted.

Hershey will make a ton of pesos. A Mexican union? hmmmmmmmmmmm?
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