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On my way to Home depot yesterday morning down Broward Blvd here in Fort Lauderdale I was caught off guard when a gray Bimmer went flying by me! My first impression was some yuppie needed a lesson in holiday courtesy when I noticed the quad tail pipes! Lo and behold it was the first M5 I've seen on the street, temp tag and all!! Naturally I had to take a closer look :D Traffic being unusually light at 0830 on this main road (that runs right in front of FTL PD!) we eneded up side by side at the next light. The driver thankfully WASSNT some snot-nosed kid with too much money but a besuited gentleman with silver hair enjoying his new 4-door rocketship! I rolled down my window to wish him a "Merry Christmas" and compliment him on taste in automobiles. He thanked me and grinned from ear to ear in responce. After that, I turned off the T/C in anticipation of the impending green light and BLEW HIS DOORS OFF!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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