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December 26, 2004 - LACB

Judging from the responses on the popular Internet automotive boards, the December 22nd Blog below has legs. A plurality seems to agree that the 2004 Pontiac GTO is a great buy, although East Coasters are getting better deals than West Coasters. Still, there are those that wonder why their favorite sub-$25,000 car didn't make the list, to wit:

Ford Mustang GT - LIke I said previously, the 2005 version is a great performing car. Having been the owner of a 5.0 Mustang, I can tell you that the new one is a quantum leap forward. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding one that optioned under $25,000. Moreover, Ford dealers have not been shy about adjusting the price considerably over the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Dodge SRT4 - At around $20,000, I know of no new cars that can match the Dodge's straight-line acceleration. Moreover, it handles better than any front-wheel drive four-door sedan has a right to. It's interior, however, will never be mistaken for a GTO; neither will the sound of its exhaust.

Subaru WRX - It's probably the best-handling car under $25,000 you can buy. In straight-line acceleration, it's quicker than the old Mustang GT. It also puts out a pretty good sound for a four-banger (way better than the sound of the SRT4). On the minus side, its interior leaves a lot to be desired, and it suffers from enormous turbo lag. It's also not the prettiest car around, although WRX owners don't seem to mind.

Acura RSX Type-S - This car has the best-sounding four-cylinder engine I've ever heard - particularly when you rev it up close to its stratospheric redline. It also has a great manual shifter, and a great, responsive suspension. The interior is more refined than the WRX, but not quite up to Volkswagen GTI standards. It's hatchback design makes the cabin a bit noisy. For all its goodness, the RSX still feels like a compact car. At $24,000, it's a pretty expensive compact car.

Mini Cooper S - Its go kart-like performance makes this one of the most fun cars around, regardless of price. It's been out for a couple years now, but the design still holds up well. It's also the spiritual successor to the original GTI (at least until the Mark V version of the GTI arrives in the USA). It also feels like a more expensive car than it is. All-in-all, a great buy in my book.

Volkswagen GTI - The VR6 version of this car is often overshadowed by the highly tunable 1.8T. However, it remains a very good grand touring vehicle - particularly if you're not into driving at 9/10s or 10/10s of the vehicle's capability. With the Mark IV GTI in its last year, dealers are dealing. Consequently, you can get a VR6 GTI for the price of an SRT4. For that, you get a highly refined yet lively motor, and the best interior of any small car around.

Corvette (used) - Low mileage C5s are pretty hard to find under $25,000, but there are plenty of C4s that are quite a bit under price range. Fast, harsh, and a little clunky. It feels old, but it's still a Corvette.

In the end, it's still a GTO for me - one of the great buys in a field of great buys.

- RN

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