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I just picked up my Goat this weekend because I had a slice in the leather on the side bolster on the driver side from a razor blade during prep from factory.

Then I developed a slow leak in the driver rear tire because of a bolt in the tread close to the sidewall that could not be repaired. The dealer gave me 25% off the tire and I picked up the Goat and brought it home to take it to the garage by my house for an inspection. When they put it up on the rack, they noticed that the Rack and Pinion was leaking quite a bit.

Is this a common problem with these cars, or is something overfilled or maybe splashed on and it just looks like it is leaking? I am pretty unhappy about all of this and I don't want to lose hope in my beautiful car but it is a pain in the balls to bring it back to the dealership week after week.

Any info would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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