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kegbelly said:
OK, had the new goat since 6/30, been going ridiculously easy on it, pampering it at every turn, haven't even barked the tires yet, yada yada and so on. So today on the interstate I'm cruising along easy and minding my own business, when some kid with his cap on backwards (and probably his pants too) pulls up next to me in a real slick late-model silver Celica GT... he's got it going on, got the big 22's, big aero spoiler on the back, ground effects, stove-pipe exhaust, the whole 9 yards... he gives me a look like "yo, you want summa dis?" I couldn't resist any longer....temptation overcame me, and I just had to get on it. I dropped it in 4th and nailed it, next thing I know I'm doing 120, hit 5th and got up to about 135, then some semblance of common sense returned and I backed off, and he's now well back in my mirror. Jeezo peet this thing will fly! Even at 135 I could tell it was just chomping at the bit to run WAO. What surprised me was how smooth it was at that speed. I think this car could run 130-140 all day long and never miss a lick. After I backed off and he caught back up, I wanted to ask him how daddy's car was running :D , but I let it go. Don't know if this qualifies as a kill or not, but damn it sure was a rush! I understand now how addictive the power of these cars can be.:D
I can second that, I had a similar thing happen to me but it was a darn Honda (bumble bee on steroids) could hear him coming a mile away. I let him pass and think he was all that, then the buddy next to me said I can't believe yo let that happen. i let him run for about a 1/2 milel up and then I dropped the hammer blew by him at better than 150 and then slowed down to about 90 and the poor guy's car sounded like it was gonna splode trying to keep up.... We laughed all the way back to work.
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