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These are just a random collection I've been gathering over the past few months of ownership! My car was bone stock when all of these races took place, now just this last weekend I installed the Corsa catback on the car... (as if that's going to make much difference :rofl: )

Kill #1
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege with upgrades (big turbo, exhaust, boost controller, other little things)

Went from a second gear pull, took off at the same time, and I instantly pulled a car on him. Obviously being boosted he had a little lag, but by the time I got deep into third gear, I was about 4 cars ahead. Finally I shut down in 4th gear and about 5 cars ahead.

2003 Mustang GT with boltons (Intake, exhaust, computer tune, and drag radials.)

From a stop, he took me out of the hole by a little over a car. (I didn't do a burnout, he ofcourse roasted the tires for a few seconds to get heat in the drag radials) Anyways, he pulls out to a little over a car length lead, when I hop into second gear and pull right back even with him. At the top of second gear, I mis-shift getting into third (whoops) which allowed him to gain the car length advantage back. At the top of third, I was past him again, and continued to pull away until I shut down around 130mph. We ran three times, with the same result... Yes, the first race I didn't even take off on the third honk, I flat out wasn't paying attention. And yes, I also missed 3rd gear twice.

2004 Mustang Mach 1 with boltons (exhaust, chip, intake (I believe))

After a fun night of go-karting in Des Moines, we took off to go see a buddy's 700 horse Cobra. We had talked about a roll on race on the way over there, so we just waited for a good stretch of road to come... and then there it was. I dropped to third, and I believe he was down in second, possibly third gear. Anyways, we beeped three times, and took off. I got the jump, to about a car. The Ls1 is super-responsive, it's amazing. Anyways, I ran through 4th gear, 5th gear, and I shut down at about 155mph after I had grabbed 6th. I had about two-three cars on him, that was it! He said he was doing around 140-145 when I shut down, but he was hanging right in there. It was fun!

Anyways, I don't normally race on the street, but all three of these guys were good buddies of mine, and we just decided to do it for kicks and giggles.
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