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Want to do something with your Pontiac besides sit in a parking lot or go to a cruise? Test your mettle with the Northeast Rally Club!

Time speed rally is a measured course and a set of instructions you follow to navigate to the end. The object is to arrive at secret checkpoints EXACTLY when you are supposed to arrive. Each second early or late is a penalty. Like golf, lowest score wins.

HOW you arrive at the checkpoints on time is the trick. The instructions tell you exactly how fast to drive. Your drivers job is to drive exactly the indicated speed. The navigator keeps track of errors, maneuvers, traffic, etc. "How to" is something they teach you in rookie school. Rally theory is something we can discuss here as well.

I am a veteran of dozens of these rallies, as well as a Great Race 2 timer.

More information at NERC Home Page

See you there!
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