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Just wanted to know what kind of lap-times you were setting, or have legitimately seen, not heard, of people running the "Roval" at California Speedway.

I did my best of 2.11.38

I drove on shot brakes, had a passenger, stock front tires (17K on them), new Toyo 4S in the rear 275/40/17 (rolled the fenders to clear those bad boys), and had pulled the mufflers off in the rear so I could at least sound bad-ass. My front plowed and I had to engine brake in order not to totally cook my brakes and make it home.

I beat Nissan Instructor, demo driving a new G37 sport. Brembos... the works. The track package they offer from the dealer. His best was 2.11.78

A guy in a bone stock 07 CTS, Auto, with a 250lbs instructor managed a 2.08. I thought that the most impressive all day. Guys in C6 vettes ran anywhere from 2.04 - 2.17 range, depending on skill.

Going back in June, and then again in November. Doing brake lines, pads, rotors and sway bars, and I've swapped the fronts for matching Toyo 4S 245/75/17. Not a bad tire, but I'm not buying it again.
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