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I realize that's a joke.

BUT, some really big tires can & have been used under A-body cars. All it takes is a few mods. Probably couldn't pass tech in a pure stock class, with 16 x 33 slicks tho. :)
I saw those today at a tractor show. It mad me think of the last Mad Max movie. A pair of those on your rat rod coupe and you would be good to go!

I like the wide tire, but for me, there is a "look" I like. I don't really care for them stuffed under the car via frame narrowing and tubs. In my opinion, looks kinda silly from the rear with little spacing between the wide tires - almost a single steam roller look.

I like a wide tire on a conventional chassis with no narrowing, but some tire hang out at the wheel well. Flaring done well can work with some cars, but most I have seen were not attractive nor blended with the car's lines.

These partial flares are more likable, but I would mold them into the quarter panel to get a smooth transition and eliminate any abrupt lines where most just simply screw them on - looks tacky.

On the other hand, I don't care for a flare where it looks like the wheel well was pulled out 10 inches to cover the rim/tire combo and then molded in to blend with the quarter panel.

It's all an art in my book and you gotta have vision. :yesnod:


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