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I’ve heard others talk about the 05 M6 brake and clutch pedals being reversed from the 04s – 04s have bevel on the top and 05s have it on the bottom. Some claim that the 05’s are easier to heel-toe. I just wanted to not be snagging my foot on the clutch pedal so I switched mine today. Took 60 seconds to get the petal covers off - pulled clutch off from the bottom and pushed up - pulled brake off from the top and slide down. It took 20 minutes to swap them and get them back on (using reverse directions to install). I probably could do it in less than 5 minutes now. I had to use a combination of a short stubby flat blade screwdriver and a small slender one (both more by Sears tool set). I found a mirror was very helpful to see what I was doing. You have to reversed the pedal covers – the one from the brake goes on the clutch and vice versa. The cover is inserted via the cut-outs (mickey mouse ears), allowing the cover to slide easily onto 3 sides. I used the big blade stubby screw drive to get part of the final edge lipped over the pedal’s metal base then used the little blade to walk the rest of the edge (bottom of the brake and top of the clutch) back up over the metal base by actually twisting and continually turning the screwdriver to pry it on as I walked the screw driver along the edge (small blade made this easy to do). There is definitely less snagging of the foot when I bring it up from my homemade footrest and when my foot goes from the gas to the brake.

Both pedal covers are different part numbers and the metal bases are different for the clutch and brake - one side edge is straight and the other side of the metal pedal base is slanted (slant is on opposite side for the clutch than the brake which is why the covers need to be swapped). I don't understand why there would be a need for this - doubles the part numbers and changes the procedures to install. What was really interesting was that the cover that came off the brake side was molded inside with the words RHD BRAKE - LHD CLUTCH. LHD is left-hand drive, which meant that cover should have been on the clutch to begin with and is, in fact, the cover that is now on my clutch pedal. The other cover had BRAKE molded in it (it was on my clutch) and its now on my brake pedal. By what was molded on the inside, my pedal covers are now on the correct pedal, however, both covers now have TOP upside down and on the bottom. I will speculate that somehow the production drawings got mixed up and TOP got molded on the wrong side. The way most people position their feet (heels in, toes out); you need the bevel on the bottom not the top for both the brake and clutch pedal. The brake pedal needs to be this way to not interfere with its use and the gas pedal. Just like the inside of the covers say - CLUTCH goes on the clutch pedal and BRAKE goes on the brake. IMO, TOP is wrong and should be on the Bottom. Can someone with an 05 M6 check to see where TOP is on there pedal covers?
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