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What are Top Ten reading/reference materials for your 60s-70s GTO? Mine are as follows, and I'm sure I'm missing some good ones and I'm looking for more...
1. GTO Restoration Guide
2. This Website
3. PY Website
4. Fisher Body Manual
5. Chilton's Guide
6. Legend Magazine
7. Smoke Signals Magazine
8. How to Restore Your Muscle Car
9. Pontiac Performance
10. Shop Manual CD

These are in no particular order.

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Glory Days by Jim Wangers is at the top of the list. Just about all you to need to know about the GTO is in there.

Royal Bobcat GTOs by Milt Schornack. He goes in to great detail on the Bob Cat and performance side of things in there.

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GTO Restoration Guide
Motor and Chilton Manuals ( include each special manual on just brakes, suspension, accessories, electrical, AC, carbs, specifications, etc.)
Factory Assembly manual
Fisher Body Manual
Auto Restorer Magazine
Skinned Knuckles Magazine
High Performance Pontiac magazine
All Factory Manual(s) for your model year, (some years have 3-4 separate books)
GM Diagnosis and Repair Manual
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