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My truck Viper truck forum is renting the track out next Friday. We have a GTG every year in Panama City and we rent Holt for a few hours. We traditionally have some Lightnings and some diesel trucks there along with a few challengers but we are opening it up to anyone this year. Here is the info:

(depending on attendance)

I will find out what time it will open for us (usually around 1100) and we run until 4 or 5ish. The owner always states that we can stay for test n tune if we want but we are usually ready to go back to the Hotel and drink by that time.

It is just a good time with people who love the cars/trucks along with a little friendly competition.

Once I sell my truck and get a GTO I can tell you I will continue to go to my truck forum. They are a great group of people over there!
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