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I am not one to beat my vehicles. And with the cost of the tires on the GTO well, I'd just as soon leave the tread on the wheels rather than laying a slick on the pavement. HOWEVER... I've been asked more than a few times if I have "smoked em' ". When I reply no, I sometimes get a WHY NOT? ...Well I gave in to temptation..... I had a friend over you ribs last night, and he wanted a to see how the goat performs... well for "desert," I gave him a treat.. Popped the clutch and well, it felt like the whole car lifted up and propelled as if someone picked the car up and shoved it..... The sound of squealing tires, and the evidence of it on the roadway as I discolored the pavement with a GTO belch, the force threw my friend damn near in the back seat.... From a dead start to a matter of maybe 200 ft I was at 50+mph by 4th... In a 25 mph zone.... As the drool ran down his shirt.. I headed for the bypass.... It just so happens a kid in a Honda went by as I entered the bypass, I whizzed by him doing a mere 70,,, he tramped it and gained.... I looked at my buddy and grinned..... As the kid got to within maybe 15 yards... I hit 5th gear... In an instant he was 100 yd's behind.... My buddy was watching the odometer hit 105, and the tach at 4000, the kid gained (as I let off the gas and leveled out at 70 mph.) .....Again, as if I was shot out of a cannon I hit 6th and that was it... the Honda was toast. I was cruising at 105, and the tach was steady at only 2500....My friend got a taste of what this sleeper can do...Now, he's hooked....... This is the first time I was challenged, even though the kid was in a Honda and wanted a piece of the GTO it felt good.... I mean it felt freakin' GOOD........ Well time to go hunting for an Evo.......... :seeya:
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