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Tri-power Throttle Bracket

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I just received my 9779969 throttle bracket for my 1966 tri-power. but the bracket does not fit flush with the boss on the intake. Any idea what I am missing? Same bracket Pontiac Tri
-Power sells for 65-66.
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Then there is no incentive for the manufacturer to clean up its act. My vote is send it back for a refund. Don't enable and promote sub-standard crap.
My thought was that they only do a run every so often of this part. What maybe 100 and they probably sit around on shelves for years. So is returning it to get the same crappy piece back. The inline tube picture of the part is definitely a cheaper part than what is on pontiactripower.com put that was taken in 2009. That might be all that is out there now.
I wrecked my first GTO in part due to a defective tripower throttle bracket. My carbs stuck wide open and it ended badly. That was over 40 years ago. 'Crap' for throttle linkage is in no way acceptable to me. Nor will it ever be.
But who do you go after? The middle man selling it. The company that paid to have them made. Or the third world company making them? If any are still in business.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts