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I have always loved the GTO. And the first one that always comes to mind is the Judge. The new GTO may be a whole new design(as opposed to the retro that mustang went for) but there is alot of potential in this car if you ask me. So what I want to do is incorperate a little of that old school judge into my goat. The first things that come to my mind when I think of the Judge is the ram air, the hood mounted tach, and the exhaust dumps.

So by god im going to start with these little details. Ram air i am considering opening the scoops a tad more just for some extra breathing room and makeing it a functional hood. Hood mounted tach well since the new GTO has a tach already im going with a different gage. I plan on running twin turbos in the car so hood scoop will end up being a boost gage. Trimmed out in the style of the dash gages. Now the exhaust dumps. I am going to run the electric motor driven dumps to side pipes tha I will tuck into a custom side skirt. I will probably run the ram air scoops and the dumps off a switch(thinking the spot next to the traction control switch) and allow them to be opened and closed at the same time. In the same manner they were on the 70 Judge.

Another detail I am lookign at that the Judge had was those stripes. The two waved ones over the wheels. I am trying to figure out a way to incorperate some suttle ones into the paint design. I am thinking two racing stripes that start at the nose and disapear into the scoops. Comeing out of louvers which would resemble the banshee hood. Then swooping them down onto the side following the hood curve down onto the side where they would start the striping I was talking about.

Also im going to do something with the fascia and the rear but havent narrowed the style for that down yet.

The aftermarket doesnt want to make stuff for the GTO then hell with them.
I will post some renderings once I decide on the complete design. Just wanted to get some opinions on what everyone thinks of the direction of the idea.
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