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Soo.. kinda out of my element here (i'm from PA). but i'm trying to track down the prior owner of my GTO. it's a 2004 Torrid Red M6 with almost 50,000 miles. It was totaled when i bought it.. and the owner that totaled it was from VA... the town of Woodbridge i believe (or near that town). The only hint i have is a paper i found in the car with directions on it to Kings Landing in calvert parks.

SO. does this area... or anything about this car.. ring a bell to anyone? What im hoping to hear is " yeah that was my GTO " or.. " yeah i know a guy in woodbridge that took his GTO to Kings Landing ".

the trip to Kings Landing had to be one of the last trips they made in the goat. The directions were printed on 5/20/10 and the salvage yard i bought the car from got it in june(6) or july(7) of 2010.

Another note : The owner i'm looking for bought the car from Cowles Parkway Ford in Woodbridge VA.
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