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Tossed out some ideas, from least expensive to most.

1. Install the CAGS (1 to 4 manual shift) defeat system. http://www.slpeng.com has one that installs in minutes once you've got the car in the air.
2. A K&N filter is an inexpensive way to improve throughput.
3. Install a new shifter. http://www.bmracing.com. An outfit called GMM in Austrailia makes one, too. Me? I'm holding out for http://www.pro50.com to come out with theirs. Should be a couple of months.
4. Purchase a SuperChip http://www.superchips.com and recalibrate the computer for increased output.
5. Wheels and Tires: No offense to anyone, but I find the factory wheels rather flat and dull. Get some 18's on it. Go hog wild and put 18s on the front and 19s on the back. That said, I prefer to be able to rotate the tires. Will it increase performance -- not by that much, but you'll enjoy your ride a lot more. With the tires, no need to go insane and purchase Michelins with a 180 wear rating -- because you're just going to be dropping another $1200 in 6K miles. Falkens are made by Sumitomo -- and offer good bang for the buck. http://www.tires.com.
6. Dollar for dollar, installing a supercharger is the best way to dramatically increase output. Kits are $6K to $8K. Look at the set up http://www.magnacharger.com offers. It's a thing of beauty, with the impellers located right about the deck of the block. Of course, doing something like this, under heavy heavy use -- is eventually going to find a weak spot in the factory drivetrain -- so look around at some other points. There are some people who really know their stuff here who can offer some good tips.

I'm not big on dumping money into headers and exhaust systems -- because the factory systems are really good these days -- and you don't really get that much more bang for your buck. Have fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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