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Is it safe to use neutral while you are coasting (engine running)? I know it's really bad to coast while the engine is off and in neutral with an auto because the trans oil pump is not spinning. But if the engine is running and the car is coasting and in neutral the oil pump is spinning. But does it spin fast enough at neutral to provide adequate lube? If this does not hurt the trans then this is a great way to save gas. Not to mention, it's easier to stop.

You can leave an auto in neutral as long as you want, its technically the same as having it in park while sitting. The trans is actually getting cooled off when coasting in neutral due to airflow over it. And most autos drop down to idle speed anyway when applying the brakes, due to the converter and its reaction to your braking.

An auto is a VERY complex piece to understand but it is also a godsend in a high horsepower car. :-D
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