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VA/MD/DC gathering, June 9, 2007 @ 2PM


Folks for june i believe it has been decided we will be having a cookout in manassas at the Burger King parking lot where we wont have to actually drive to BK after the gathering (we will already be there)

Airsoft CQB
10902 Carolina Dr
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 335-6800

I will be bringing the grill, and hamburgers and hot dogs if you would like to contribute i will make a list of who is brining what to the cookout. if youd like to make or bring a dish or side please post up.

we will need paper plates, cups, soda, sides, chips etc.

1: Chris/Heather- Grill/hamburgers/hotdogs
2: Russell- Plates and cups
3: Cory/Cyndy- potato salad and macaroni salad
4: Jared- drinks
5: LS1 Greg- Condiments
6: Loudman- junk food
7: Pat/anna- Corn on the cobb, Fruit salad
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