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Read the article... They believe it can do 180+

If you think about it, its not that far fetched...

The vette w/ the same LS2 engine does 186 in 5th w/ 3:42 and slighty differnt ratios then the goat(the gto has the M12/C5 Z06 ratios)

Also weight does not restrict top speed, it just takes longer to get there... If you dont believe that, take a look at the Bentley Continental GT. It weighs 4000+ lbs and tops out @ 205 w/ the same HP as the Ford GT and the GT tops out around 205(if the wheel doesnt fall off :rofl:)but weighs about 1000 lbs less...

So if the GTO is aerodynamic enough maybe the 05' could reach 175+ w/o the limiter...

A little food for thought :cheers
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