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Hi GTOForum, I would like to dedicate the attached diagram of a few voltage drop tests to BearGFR and PontiacJim, test list below. As much as I like electricity, I find myself continually debugging various electrical issues in my 69 GTO convertible. After changing to a new style fuse box, adding an external solenoid, relays everywhere and other wiring projects, I found it much easier to make a visual representation of the troubleshooting tests we get asked to perform. Since BearGFR and PontiacJim are such dedicated forum members I thought dedicating this diagram would be a small way to thank them for the deep knowledge they possess and share, and most importantly, their ability to give away so freely all they know. The more "energy" you give - the more the "universe" sends your way. I think of them both sometimes when wrenching the Goat, I've never met them, know nothing about them, yet tell my car friends something I learned from them. Their presence on this forum has truly made an impact on me and made it so much easier to enjoy our Pontiacs on the road so much better than enjoying them all taken apart in the garage.

Feedback solicited!
Any other suggestions please send them and I'll add info or fix it up. I'll also be making this into a Visio.

Tests shown on the diagram are a logical representation of components involved when troubleshooting voltage drop and related issues. I have others such as Ignition and electric current flow, Ill post if any interest.

[1] Positive Volt Drop
[2] Negative Volt Drop
[3] Solenoid Volt Drop
[4] Solenoid Lead
[5] Starter Voltage
[6] Battery Voltage
[7] Battery + Cable Charge
[8] Battery Ground Check
[9] Alternator Ground Check
[10] Alternator Voltage





Thank you,
Shane / YouSayGo
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