Hello members, I am looking for the right and left full rear quarters for a 1967 2drht Tempest, and or GTO. I know they have reproduced aftermarket but in my search, no one has them in stock and they are back-ordered with no date in sight. So, my backup plan was to locate used ones. So this is what I'm asking if anyone has or knows someone that does, I would be interested.
My secondary backup plan was to find the rain gutter section that goes around the trunk lid opening.
My rain gutter section from the deck extension to the tail panel is just about rotted out, These are the sections on the right and left that are actually part of the quarter panels that dip down under the trunk lid and hold the weatherstripping. I'm going to try and attach a picture to show the sections I would need. This was a generic picture I download off the internet just to show as an illustration.
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