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At least they have the VIN and are straight up about it. But as you warn, that doesn't stop someone from buying it, cleaning it and fixing the window, doing a hack job on the electronics, and trying to sell it as a "pristine" car.

Not to mention, the electronics probably need so much work that it would be impossible to get the original mileage off the car. I imagine the computer is toast.

I'm a firm believer in running a Carfax or similar search before buying a used car. Especially after the nasty weather of last year! The bad thing is, the Carfax won't tell you everything (ie, if the car was damaged in a wreck, but was not totalled and was fixed, or if the accident were not reported and the owner paid on their own to get it fixed). But, it will still catch most things like flood damage, salvage etc and is definately worth paying $20 for.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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