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I was coming home from work yesterday, just merging onto the interstate, when I saw a 99-04ish body style Mustang GT in car show condition zipping along about 3 cars ahead of me. He was moving along, I'd say 75 in a 65. I'm running 80ish and catch up behind him and pace him for a bit. He doesn't want to play. Ok, so I pull into the left lane and get up beside him and give him a quick head nod, which he returns, and I go on up the interstate, through the tunnel, and out onto the bayway MMOB.

I can still see the Mustang in my rearview. I see this fugly ass bug-eyed car ripping through traffic behind him, constantly changing lanes. He then gets in front of the Mustang and looked from my vantage point that he cut the stang off. By the grace of God there was pretty much open road between me and the 2 Fords. I watched the stang whip into the left lane after being cut off and nail it, trying to pass the Thunderbird on the right. No dice. It looked to be a good race but the Thunderbird beat him.

I'm coming up on a car in the right lane so I play the **** move and get into the left lane up beside him, pacing him doing the speed limit to slow the Fords down behind me. The Thunderbird is riding my ass bad. I was running 65 and slowed it down to 60, dropped the 4 speed tranny into 3rd, saw the engine was still purring, dropped it down to 2nd, ok, running 4 grand or slightly higher, good... I pulled into the right lane and acted as if to concede my position to the Thunderbird.

Here he came, front end of that fugly ass car lifting up a bit with the Mustang 2 inches behind him. He had a half car full throttle advantage on me but it didn't matter. By the time he got up to my door and the rpms started climbing into the 5s, he was gone, and I was popping the shifter up into 3rd and laughing. I let off at 120 and then slowed way down forcing him to catch back up with me. The sorry bastard wouldn't get up beside me so I again played a **** move and looked back over my left shoulder staring at him as long as I felt safe keeping my eyes off the road. He had sunglasses on so I couldn't tell if he was looking back or not. It was a good time.

I know those early to mid 2000s Thunderbird convertibles had V8s in them but I didn't figure they'd be faster then a Stang GT. He might have been modded. Comments and insights would be welcome here. :cool
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