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Well the Pypes group buy went well, so how about another one? I've had several folks wanting a quality weatherstripping, at a decent price. I've been using Clester's Automotive weatherstripping for years, and I am always satisfied with the results.

Due to some of the confusion (my fault) on the last group buy, this one will have a few rules to simplify things, and make sure the product goes out quicker.

For this group buy to be good, I need a total of at least 12 full kits. If you only need doors, or trunk, etc... you are still in, but it will take more of these to hit the total. This group buy will go until March 5th. Once I get the 12 kit minimum, we will start shipping, but we can add more until March 5th.

Shipping, we'll make this real easy, all orders will have a $7 shipping fee. This will cover just about any amount of product, unless you just need a few rubber bumpers or something that fits in an envelope, then it will be whatever the stamps cost.

What's included in the group buy? All the rubber in their line-up is included, so if you're also working on anything else, hit me up. They offer most of the GM 60's-70s line up including Novas, Chevelles, Camaro's, Firebirds, El Camino's, LeMans, Goats, etc...., plus 10s-50's chevrolet, pontiac, dodge, buick, international scouts, lot's of Mopar, etc....

I will be updating this post as the list is updated, so stay tuned

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