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Well whatta ya know, went in for my first oil change which is free cause I bought the warranty that gives me free oil changes but was a little skeptical about it cause you know the oil they use is garbage and the free meant junk not mobil 1. I specifically said make sure you put the right oil in the car and not the other stuff "yes sir yes sir" still not feeling it I managed to sneak by the bay and watch the tech drain my babies blood and shortly there after I see him with the oil hose which leads to the oil pump up top that says "Mobil 1" I was like damn that is awesome. :lol: Now we see if the next one will be just as easy I played the dummy cause I can recall my finance rep said I must by my own oil and they will put it in well not this time and hopefully not the next think I will flush her with some go go juice with the $35 I saved on oil :cool
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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