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NOPI car shows began in 1988 at a NOPI store parking lot. It all started out as a Volkswagen show. In 1990, we added Mini Trucks to the mix. Then in 1992, we added import cars, then in 1993 we opened it up to domestic cars. The NOPI Nationals was born. The event in Atlanta grew and grew to the point where there were over 7000 vehicles in the show, over 300 vendors and up to 100,000 people.
NOPI began Drag Racing in 1997. First we did a drag race in Atlanta partnering with NIRA (National Import Racing Association) Then in 1988, we joined forces with ID Drag Wars and took NOPI events on the road. In 2002, we formed our own drag racing series partnering with Universal Studios. It was the Fast and Furious Drag Racing Series. In 2004, it became the XBOX Cup Series and in 2008, the NOPI/NHRA Drag Series began.
Drifting exhibitions began in 2003 at a number of NOPI events. The NOPI Drift series was added in 2007 with the final round held at the NOPI Nationals.
NOPIs TV show - NOPI TUNERVISION ran from 2002 through 2007 on Spike then on Speed. Most episodes had dozens of airings. It featured scenes from all aspects of NOPI events.
Unfortunately in 2008, the events were stopped mid-season due to a string of bad weather dates and the onset of the economic downturn.
In 2009 and 2010, we struck a deal with REDLINE TIME ATTACK (2009) and HIN (2010) to do a series of events combined events.
In 2011 NOPI began combined Drag Racing and Car show events with the NSCRA (National Sports Car Racing Association)

Classic cars have been a part of NOPI events for over a decade. If you like events with "only " classic cars, then our events are not for you. For those of you who like to mix it up, we have Old school classes in our car shows and classics are certaily welcome and encouraged to compete. No, we do not sell parts for most classic vehicles.

2012? – NOPI NATIONALS Atlanta anyone??????

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