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So now that I've got my exterior all back together, turns out my stock driveshaft needs to be replaced...:banghead: That being said, i know little to nothing about driveshafts and after reading through this and other forums all the opinions about 1 vs 2 piece haven't left me with much more knowledge.

So my question is this, what are good brands to look for (1 or 2 piece)? also, are there any i should avoid?

If it helps, I've got a stock 06 setup but plan to do some basic mods down the line like exhaust, suspension, and possibly a cam but nothing crazy so I'm not gonna be putting huge stress on the DS. also, this car is my daily driver for the time being so while i don't mind a little noise if it means better performance, id like it not to be super loud or vibrate a lot.

Thanks in advance, this forum has helped me a whole lot as I've built my GTO back up to its former glory.
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