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Was waiting for Pro 5.0 to develop one -- and would touch base with their customer service department every three months to find out what was going on. Finally sent an e-mail in -- and the company president writes me and says they're not even thinking of building one. What a bunch of morons.

B&M has a reasonably priced unit. I've heard both good and bad about it. GMM overseas (no relation to GM) also has one. Costs a fortune and is a real pain to install. There are a couple of other really obscure manufacturers out there -- but don't know anything about them.

The biggest gripe people have with the B&M, if you can believe this, is that the instructions don't tell you to put Loctite on the stick's bolts. Well, duh. Suppose forks should have bright yellow warning labels on them telling you not to stick them in your eye. Otherwise, it's people saying the stick height is a little too tall (same as stock) and that the shift gate seems to move an inch or so to the right. Can't believe how that could happen -- but I've heard that a lot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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