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Just for fun I did a search for 04' GTO's on Pontiac's web site. I searched many major cities and you always get 25 cars found. Some dealers still have four or five cars! I was dealing on an 04' in january and with rebates, coupons, and GM card funny money I was offerd the car for $19,400. I loved the car, but for other reasons I didn't buy it. This car and what seems to be hundreds of others are are still sitting unsold. I know the dealers were paid $5K from GM, but what will they do to get rid of these cars? Send them to auction and get what they can get? I don't see people paying $23K to $25K for these cars, thier worth it, but I don't see it happening!

What do all you guys think?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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