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Hi Folks,

It seems at 9000 miles, my car is starting to dart when I hit bumbs, potholes, etc. After jacking it up and crawling under it, I have indeed encountered the dreaded strut rub. I need some advice from some suspension experts in this area.

I have searched the GTO forums over the last 3 days reading on the strut rub issue....but I can't seem to find a "silver bullet" solution. What are most folks doing with this?

Re-Alignment at dealer? , Grinding some of the spring bucket off? , Installing spacers?, Going with smaller tires 235/45/17? , Or going with different offset wheels and staying with the 245/45/17?

I've seen all this solutions offered, but can't find which one is considered "the" solution for a stock suspension. (and I want to keep the suspension stock...just want to solve strut rub issue once and for all)

I've read in other forums that Pontiac issued "revised settings" on front end. Does that cure it, or do I need to look at grinding, spacers, or aftermarket wheels or smaller tires?

I have an appointment with my dealer Friday morning for a re-alignment. I told the service manager about the well known "strut rub" issue and told him I had it.....I got a pause and blank stare. I don't think dealers know ANYTHING about these cars due to their low production. I think this forum is the premier knowledge base for these cars....Dealers should be reading our forums to really know what's going on with these cars.

I want to be armed with as much information as possible when I visit dealer Friday. And I'd like some opinions of what else I should look at after this (wheel-tire change, grinding, spacers, etc) as I have little confidence in dealers ability to repair this situation.

Thanks for any help
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