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Did a search and did not see where this had been done on hear yet - here is mine;

1 Get in the best shape of my life
2 Perform live with some kick ass musicians and a Van Halen style sound system
3 Go to a drag racing school and drive the fastest car possible
4 Go for a ride in any jet that starts with "F" (let me know if anyone knows how you can do this)
5 Sponsor a car show (might happen with #2)
6 Go to Alaska (hopefully run into Sarah)
7 Go to Hawaii
8 Be a Grandfather
9 Forgive every person that has ever wronged me
10 Help as many people I can accomplish their dreams in life

Okay, who's next? :cheers

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I'm 43 so it's not a bucket list yet, but it is a must do to do list.

10) I've been to the continental 48 I need to get to Alaska and Hawaii.
9) Hike from the north rim of the Grand Canyon and spend the night at the river and hike back the next day.
8) Ride a bike over the Going to the Sun Road
7) Get my pilots license
6) Ride my jet ski from Tampa to Key West
5) Go searching for uranium near Moab Utah
4) Own an exotic car
3) Retire at 55 comfortably
2) Search for gold for a year in the Nevada desert.
1) Build the home of my dreams with my own two hands

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I'm 25 soo yea... never really thought about it but there are some things I wanna do before I die,

* tough out 20 years of military services so I can retire early and spend time with my family and doing the things I love

* take a car apart from top to bottom just to say I can do everything

* own an exotic car before I die; probally a Lotus

* waste the money and buy a fish tank coffee table and end table for my living room. Yes, they actually sell them.

*explore haunted places arroudn the world.

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1 Go back to school for an ASE cert.
2 Learn tuning.
3 Spend time with my son modifying the GTO
4 Build a house on my hunting land
5 Start a speed shop in northern WI
6 Cut a black metal album
7 Go boar hunting
8 Drive to Alaska
9 Go to Jamaica
10 Skydive
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