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Judged said:
While my GTO ('04/silver/A4) gets fixed at the body shop this week (cracked headlite assembly, wrinkled fender....stoopid deer...), I'd like to get a new set of wheels and tires for the car.

I found some packages that all seem to spec out as 'proper' for the car but I'd like to check with you experienced guys/gals first. Here are the general specs:

18 x 8.5 rims, with 35 mm offset and 245/40-18 tires

Any advise? I'd sure like to make sure before I order...

Thanks! :seeya:

ps - anyone got pics of a similar setup?
I think the 8.5" rim with a 35mm offset will rub, I believe with that size you might want a 45-50mm offset! Someone correct me if I'm wrong! :cheers
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