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Can anyone help me on rim sizes? I got on Zinik website, and love the Imola style rims!! Called the person about the rims and he told me they would fit the car but not the tire. Rim width on these are 7.5 and he told me i need at least an 8 in. width to reuse the stock tires on these rims. But the fitment says they would work, so what gives??? Are the stock rims on this car 8 in. width? You guys are great on here and appreciate all the help! :cheers

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GTODAVE05 said:
WHOW!!! Nice rims dude!! Kinda like the zinik i wanted to get!! What size tire does those beaut's take? i see they're 19's. SWEET!!!!!!!
Thanks, I appreciate the compliment :cheers .

The tires on the rear are 245/35s and the fronts are 235/35. The front rims are 8.5" wide and the rears are 9.5". To prevent the tires from rubbing the rear fenders, I had to trim the inner lip of the rear fender by 1/4" with a jigsaw. Any tires with a section with wider than the 245/35s really would have caused rubbing issues.

Good luck finding your wheels.
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