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Back in April, there was a train accident in Iowa and some train cars carrying 05 GTOs derailed. I found some of them in Oklahoma City this past week at gandrautoparts.com. G&R thought that about 35 GTOs were salvaged - they bought 8 of them. G&R specializes in buying new cars damaged in shipment and then selling out major portions of the cars. It was emotional for me to see these beautiful machines with 2 miles on them lined up to be scraped. They were beat-up pretty bad. No red interiors but some blue. They had already cut an 04 (red) and one of the 05s apart to make clips out of them. A clip is where they cut off the front end and sell it whole (you learn something new every day). I guess one of us that totals the front end might get one of these welded on to make a new machine. G&R did not seem to be interested in parting out small pieces. They would not sell me a hood because they wanted to keep the front ends intact for clips. They would not sell me any rear brake components because they are selling the IRS complete to hot rodders. They did sell me a set of 05 front brake calipers. They were only going to sell one more set because they intended to keep the others as part of a “clip” with full suspension. They are selling the LS2 engine with electronics and transmissions for $7500 (A4) and $8500 (M6). They are selling wheels for $200 plus the cost of the tire if you want the stock KDWS on them. No 18-inch rims. When I went back the next day to try to reason with them further, I got nowhere. In fact, they had found the book on GM retail prices and felt they had sold the calipers to me at too low a price. Wow, does GM think a lot of the 05s. Their book listed the 04 calipers for $189 (?) and the 05 at $376. Brake pads for the 05 were listed at $239 in this book. One of the rear mufflers with the chrome tip was almost $300. I expect they will want $100 to $150 a piece for the other pair of calipers and $75 a piece for the rotors. I tried to point out that I'd seen other calipers on the internet for $86 but they kept pointing at the "book". BTW, the 05 calipers and rotors are massive and I’m eager to do my conversion this long weekend (I'll do some pictures on that). For any of you interested in getting some salvaged parts, call G&R at 800/678-3377 ext 105 and ask for Omar. You may also want to search some other salvage yards in the Mid-West to stir up some competition.

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