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I have been lurking for years.

I no longer have any true GTO's although my brother and I have owned just about every year except 69'

Currently I own a 1965 HT,
and 2 1965 Convertibles.
They are clones. they have been tucked away for years, but slowly getting my HT road worthy again. It was my everyday driver.
I want to make it look like the GTO in Hollywood nights, red white the craigars..

My profile pic is A TRUE 65 gto 4banger, my brother stole my GTO hood, and i used his LeMans.

Currently i am putting my HT back on the road, next project on it will be disc front brakes.
We put disc brakes on the front of one of the convertibles many many years ago, i think we took them off an old chevelle.
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