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My wife and I recently visited several cities in Central Europe.

As we were walking around Prague, we spotted this little drama unfolding.....

A small crowd is watching this Police officer as he instructs a tow truck driver to snag this BMW. It is parked in a "Handicapped Only" space, obviously without the proper tags:

There were lots of "oohs and aaahs" as the tow truck driver began to lift the car up with the crane. Very cool rig!:

When the car was about 12" off the ground, the guy with the bald spot (behind the blue car in the next photo) comes out of one of the buildings, yelling at the policeman and the tow truck driver (in the orange safety vest)...

In the next photo, taken about 3 minutes later, you can see how disgusted the tow truck driver looks. The vehicle's owner and the officer had disappeared into one of the buildings for a few minutes and when they returned the police officer instructed the tow truck operator to set the car back down.

There were a lot of groans from the crowd....:(

I was disappointed, too. I really wanted to see that BMW lifted onto the flat-bed with that crane!

Bet it cost that guy a good pile of dough to get the car released!
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