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How many people think and (some of the reasons why) that are cars will in about 10-20 years turn a profit margins as the oringals do now.
Unlikely in my opinion.

The originals took 30+ years to become valuable.

I think our best bet is to hope they hold more of their value than most cars.

A lot will depend on how much people paid for their cars. Early '04, they were actually charging a premium on top of MSRP; then by December, you could buy a brand new '04 for ~$20K.

I think the LS2 will always be a draw for some, but the fact is, the body style just doesn't appeal to a large group of people, and I think that will be the limiting factor in it's future appeal as well.

Drive it and enjoy it. I wouldn't worry about keeping it pristine as a collectors item.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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