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purplehaze said:
That's cause someone does not know how to tint windows. Check in between the window jam, the rubber that is on the outsides of the window is no doubt folded under. The same thing happened with mine. TAKE IT BACK, tell whoever did it to do it right, unless so far there is no damage. You can roll the window all the way down, get a butter knife, or something thin and long, and very gently work the rubber back up to where it wraps around the window properly.

My advice though is to take it back........
i used to work at a tint shop. happens all the time. people usually fold the rubber in be cause its ALOT easier. but u dont do taht on some cars cause the rubber is very tight. i suggest you take it back to them and tell them to fix it. its not very hard tho, u pur it down all the way, and get like a credit card and get the rubber back up. but if you leave it folded for awhile, it will never come back up.
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