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Was up in the Napa Valley today. Jaguar invited me and the wife over to an event they were putting on in conjunction with Wine Country Classic vintage car races at Infineon Raceway.

The Jaguar folks put on a really nice event. Kudos to them. Would rather see somebody buy a Ford or GM owned brand than anything from Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes or any other make where the profits go offshore.

But what really stole the show for me was the vintage Trans Am car race they had going at one point. Holy smokes, it was just like being at Riverside in 1971. The old George Follmer Boss 302 Mustang was there (or a darn good replica of it), a few of the AAR Mopars, several variations of the Penske Camaros and a couple of the Penske Javelins, of all things.

All told, there were probably 24 cars out there. Totally cool. Big, rear wheel drive muscle cars that sounded totally awesome. In fact, the best sounding car was a Penske Sunoco AMX from 1972. So loud you could hear it wherever it was -- even if it was behind a hill! And one guy in an old AAR 'Cuda was really getting into it -- blacktracking all the way out of the carosel on his way down to the esses.
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