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I am pretty fortunate to live near Woodward Ave in the suburban Detroit area. Any night of the week from May through Sept, Woodward turns into classic and muscle car alley. For those of you not familiar, Woodward has been the main drag in the Detroit area for many years. It is about 20-25 miles long and runs from downtown Detroit up to Pontiac. Every year it hosts the Woodward Dream Cruise which draws about 1 million people from all over the world. The hot spot to be is in the Royal Oak stretch from 11 mile to 15 mile road. On any given night you can see pretty much any type of vehicle you can imagine, from classic Detroit muscle, to every flavor of rice on the menu. Last night was not any different.
Yesterday the weather was perfect: 75 and sunny, so I gave the goat a bath knowing that there maybe the chance I may go for a cruise after work. After dinner I decided to head that direction, about a 10 min drive from my house. On my way, an 07ish Mustang GT, made it more than obvious he wanted to challenge me. At this point we are in a 35 mph zone, not a place to accept the challenge...yet. We are still about a mile from Woodward and he won't get off my ass, I could see in my mirror that he was a middle aged dude, so I was surprised he was driving so aggresively. We make a right turn onto Woodward and he punches it and gets in front of me. It took a few lights, but I was finally able to catch a red light and get next to him. I looked over at him and he refused to look my direction. So I was unsure if he was ready to get whipped. Light turns green he takes off hard gets about 1 car length on me, then I lay down the law and it was over fairly quickly. We hit about 60 and I was 1 ahead of him and continuing to pull. Traffic in my lane started to come up quickly so I backed down, he continued on and I never saw him again. It appeared to be bone stock GT and all I have is AEM cai so I knew what the outcome was going to be. Still fun to put a Mustang in its place though.
That was my only battle of the night, but the scenery was pretty good. I was on Woodward for maybe 30 min and saw some pretty nice rides. I won't go through everything but some of the stand outs were: several Z06's, 1 red and 1 black Ford GT (not mustangs, but GT's), a Roush Mustang, 2 Bentley Continental GT's, a newer Ferrari (not sure of the model), a bad ass 69 big block 400 Firebird, and a S/C 35th anniv yellow Trans Am that sounded unreal. Of course I also saw a variety of Camaros, Stangs, Porches, and all the fart cans you can handle. And guess what, not a single GTO. That is why I love our goats, they are more rare than some of the 100 grand plus exotics i saw.
On my way back home, I was turning off Woodward onto 12 mile road, and saw something unusual coming towards me. As it got closer I realized it was a new Challanger all black. It was getting dark and as I was turning, he was turning onto Woodward so I did not get to study it for more than a couple seconds, but all I know is that it looked mean and sounded meaner. I think us stock goats maybe in some trouble. Anyway, that was my Thursday night entertainment.
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