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Okay. Let me carefully preface this post. We are new to the area. Not new to tuning. We also have a full shop in south central Florida. We have already requested payment info for advertising and offering our services on this site. We have spent ALOT of money on other forums, only to find that there is a lack of interest. Until we are paid and done correctly, I will NOT post up contact info, shop name, location, phone number, or email.

I will say that we are skilled HPTuners with an inhouse dynojet 224 with diesel provisions. Our Dynojet is also installed in a custom trailer, and we do mobile dyno events. We charge much less than you'd expect.

We started this service to offer an alternative to other shops, when we were personally looking for welding, exhaust work or dyno time, we could hardly afford it. We've set out to put an end to that for all of South Florida. Dont let the prices fool you...

Would GTOForum members be interested in having a mobile meet and tuning day for GTO's only ? It can be done anywhere in the state, or in our shop in St. Lucie County.... Cheap dynotunes, 275 bucks plus 100 credit fee....

This could be done in a park somewhere, at a shop, at our shop, hell even a parking lot somewhere with parking lot owners permission.... No Equipment to buy, just the 100 dollar HPtuner credit. No charge for the dynotime. If you still wanted to attend meet, and dont want to tune, thats fine, no pressure, just hangout. If you want some dyno time, 3 runs are only 50 bucks with wideband and a printout.

If theres any interest, I'd like to hear about it here, and I will take care of paying our part before we do anything. I appreciate it guys
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